Online Dating Advice: The Bigger Perspective Of Love Relationships

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We often think that a love relationship is just solely about the love between a guy and a girl, but that has never been true. This is because online dating relationships is still dependent on other things other than just the feelings you have for each other.

Somehow we tend to isolate ourselves from the world and reality when we get into a love relationship. Our emotions and feelings get the better of us in our decisions, and hence we do not really truly see what are the essential things that is needed is a love relationship to hold everything together.

I will be sharing mostly from my personal experiences and the experiences of what others have told me as well.

Relationship Advice: The Bigger Perspective Of Love Relationships

Parents and the Family Factor

We often do not realize or forget that parents and our families play a very important role in our love relationship. Usually a guy and a girl falls in love with each other, and sometimes the parents of the girl do not like like the guy, or vice versa for the guy’s parents towards the girl as well.

We usually do not realize it, but without our family’s support, it adds stress and tension especially when we want our relationship to progress in commitment and seriousness. This especially happens to teens because parents usually think that they are too young or immature to be serious, or for the older folks there are other various reasons.

What happens next if you are in this situation? Usually you will quarrel with your parents about the relationship, giving them a thousand and one reasons why they should respect your partner, love relationship and your choice, while they give a thousand reasons back why you should not be steady with your partner.

Then your parents start to restrict your movements, and you have no choice but to date in secret. Every action you take becomes monitored and accessed by your parents, and you feel upset with your parents, relying solely on the comfort of your partner for approval.

It is a war of the willpower to see who will give in. However, because it adds stress and tension to your love relationship, only two things can happen; either your love relationship continues to progress further in commitment, or for most cases your relationship suffers from the stress and tension instead.

Tears will definitely flow in the process, and you wonder why should love be this difficult. Suddenly you realize that a love relationship do involve parents and your family as well.

And this situation does not last only when you are dating; even if you are married, your parents-in-law need to accept you, and your own parents should accept your partner as your love.

Hence knowing how to deal with the issue of getting acceptance from parents is really important and should never be neglected in a love relationship.

Money issues within a love relationship

In many occasions, we usually fall in love because of the attractive physical traits or the outward skills of a person, but we rarely find out about whether a person is faithful with money.

Money is always dear to our hearts, as it is one of the basic requirement of what we need for survival and life. However, when we are in love, a person’s faithfulness with money seems to be ignored and buried under an ocean of feelings; it is seldom regarded.

There are many variants of how a person can be unfaithful with money. However I am just going to be listing the common ones out.

There are too many real life stories out there that a guy is leeching money out of a girl in their love relationship, and vice versa as well. Somehow the couple will quarrel, and in many cases, the leech wins at the end.

Or another situation is when the guy or the girl in a relationship is not financially secure, and may not even have a job. This adds to serious commitment issues, because how are you going to support a family or a serious relationship if you are going to live together as a couple when basic necessities need to be met at least?

When a person is unfaithful with money, it causes instability within the love relationship, as one party with the love relationship will have to work harder to produce enough resources to meet the needs and wants of two people. It feels unfair, and a lack of true love.

No parent is going to like anyone who is financially unstable or someone who is not holding a decent job.

Acceptance from friends

This is the least importance of what has been mentioned, because when some of us are in love, we do not usually care about what our friends may think towards our relationship.

However, we must understand that our partner isn’t going to be the only person whom we should interact with solely; we need friends for support and love as well.

What if your partner disappoints you in your love relationship? If you are going to isolated yourself from your friends, you will feel very empty and lonely indeed, with noone else to turn to except your family. Our friends play a vital role in our relationship.

Also, friends can help you to realize blind spots of your partner and give a better estimation of where you are at in your love relationship. You need not follow every of your friends’ opinion, as they can be wrong, but it sometimes work better than your insights as our infatuated feelings can prove us wrong.

What I have been sharing is important; don’t learn it too late!

I always felt that we do not need to go through a heartache to learn these lessons.

I will be sharing more in-depth within my email subscription and in future posts about how you can deal with these situations in your love relationships.

What are the other things that you feel is important in a love relationship?

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